Lindsay Lohan Blogs That She And Samantha Ronson Quot Did Not Break Up Quot

Get your stories straight, please. And every website GOSSIP. Access Hollywood, Extras, ET , all the tabloids, Page Six. . At least not as of today. The couple targeted tabloid reported in a very public fight in Miami on New Year Eve, but according to a post on Lohan MySpace blog Monday, things are perfectly OK. For those of you while keeping score at home: Lindsay Lohan and porkpie-hat-loving DJ Samantha Ronson not broke. NOT TRUE. We do not break! The sometimes actress / singer went to excoriate the tabloid press for not doing their research. The post, titled Rumors, has a picture of the smiling couple wearing matching white dresses and Lohan declaration of a small piece of information TRUE. It really annoying to have all your friends via e-mail that says, I saw, I read , etc..

20.1.09 11:04

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